Folder February Minutes

Western Southern Tier Building Officials Association    

   DATE: February14, 2019       East Main Cafe, Fredonia, NY

 General Meeting Minutes

             Before meeting started President Alan Gustafson ask that we all do a round of introductions, as that we have new members. 

             Meeting called to order: Quorum: Yes              Time: 12:09pm        

             Approval of previous meeting minutes       

                          Motion by: Past President Chuck LaBarbera

                         2nd Larry Barter

                         Results:   Accepted

  • Treasurer Report:

             Given by Treasurer Al Zurawski

                         Motion by Larry Barter

                         2nd Chuck LaBarbera

                         Results: Accepted

  • Correspondence:

             Secretary Chris Dean reported receiving the list of approved courses for NYS

             Reminder that our address is:   WSTBOA, P.O. 167,  Dunkirk, New York 14048

  • Education Committee Report: Secretary Chris Dean

              Copies of the approved courses were passed around for review, and everyone was asked to choose what their interests might be.

              President Alan Gustfason asked if Chris would email the list to all the members. The list will be emailed out.

              General: all courses need to be CEU credit courses

  • Department of State:

             No report

  •  Website:

              Treasurer Al Z – registration page is almost completed and will be attached to the website asap, so registration can commence.New minutes tab needed on site.

  •  Old Business:                                          

               Changing the Elections to October will be completed as soon as new by-laws are set.

               Bylaws – Presient Al Gustafson & Secretary Chris Dean – presentation of new by-laws will be at our next meeting on April 11th.

  • New Business:

              Jeff Swanson was asked to help spearhead the committee and look to develop a Form process to support the group and communities. He graciously welcomed the opportunity, and would seek to work with others in the group. President Alan Gustfason presented a handout from a community as an example, that could help direct the committee to develop a handout for citizens interested in do the permitting process orrectly the first time.

              The Town of Evans was sited as an example of a website that provides information to their community.

              Past President Chuck LaBarbera ask that Treasurer Al Zurawski send NYSBOC a check for membership. Al acknowledged the request.

  • Others Business:

              Past President Chuck La Barbera spoke about the fire hazards from nightlights used in hallways at home.

              Richard Vasile from the Town of Evans reminded everyone to check the UL labeling on these items.

  •  Meeting Adjourned


              Motion by Jeff Paddock

              2nd Richard Pebbles.

Folder April Minutes

April 2019

Murphy Fireman's Training Grounds, Dunkirk, NY

Three 1 hour credit courses were held form 9 am to 12 pm.


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