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         Western Southern Tier Building Officials                                                     

         General Meeting Minutes

                                November 8th, 2018 - Ellicottviille Brewing Company, Fredonia, NY

            Meeting called to order: By Past Prersident John Monoco, asked to open and run meeting in                        President Chuck LaBarbra's place, who is unable to attend.

            Quorum: 8 attendees, No Quorum     Time: 12:10pm

            Approval of previous meeting minutes, not on line – unable to approve

  • Treasurer's Report:

              Report given by Treasurer Al Zurawski

              Motion: Vice President Dave Rowe

                2nd: President Alan Gustafson

                Results: Accepted.

  • Correspondence: None
  • Education Committee Report: John Monaco, started by reminding everyone to send in their Professional development paper work to the state. Info on sheets handed out with form.
  • Course Survey:
  • Course materials requested.
      • More on property maintenance inspections requested.
      • Would like a Fire Inspection – Actual.
      • Wood Stove installation.
      • More Legal Courses offered.
      • Stay with three-day schedule.
      • Best plumbing class ever.
      • Swimming pool review.
      • Review on concrete foundation installation.
      • Record Keeping.
      • Maximum 2hr classes.
      • Best year of courses ever.
      • Something on dealing with difficult home owners.
      • Zoning.
      • Course on Appearance Tickets.
      • Survey for each class.
      • Next Years Conference will be on September 9th, 10th, & 11th.
      • The purchase of 4 scanners has been approved and Al Z. will handle this.
      • Total people attending was 81.
  • Department of State:     Charles Bliss is not doing Technical Advice anymore.Will be doing direct enforcement in Chautauqua CountyCall Albany for direct questions


  • Website: There was a problem with B&S receiving our check. Al Z has sent a new check and we are good to go.
  • Old Business:
    • Changing the Elections to October ------On hold

 Bylaws – President Al Gustafson & Secretary John Dean------On hold

  • New Business:
    • Ideas pertaining to development of Permitting forms and making them available to everyone.
    • Ideas of a tag along to develop equal enforcement and promotion of codes.
    • Contact WDOE to have different CEO’s appear on Viewpoint.
    • Ideas to help promote better attendance by members of WSTBOA.
  • Others Business: Appointment of nominating committee.
      • Chris Dean and Jim Crowell will ask members for input.
  • Meeting Adjourned: Called by John Monoco, at 12:42pm

Next Meeting December 13th, 2018 at Main Street Café, 183 East Main Street, Fredonia, NY


Folder December Minutes

Western Southern Tier Building Officials                                                  

         General Meeting Minutes

         December 13th, 2018               

  • Meeting called to order: Quorum: Yes         Time: 12:00 PM
  • Approval of previous meeting minutes,
  • Motion by: Larry Barter

2nd by: Allan Zurawski

Results: Accepted

  • Treasurer’s Report:

Motion by: Larry Barter


2nd by Jeff Paddock

                Results: Accepted

  • Correspondence: None
  • Education Committee Report: Larry Barter/OFPC gave a report on a class given concerning Fire Alarms & Sprinkler Systems.
      • Reported on directions fire departments should be taking with regards to inspections of these systems. Local systems have been overlooked as to inspections on a regular basis.
      • The installation of fire alarms is a regulated licensed one. Fire alarms must be certified by local authorities.
      • If there is a fire alarm system in place it has to be working.
      • If there is a sprinkler system in place it should be working or notice of malfunction noted.
  • Department of State:
    • NYSBOC report – Chris Dean
      • Membership 1855 this year 1868 Last year.
      • Annual business meeting coming up members will be notified as to where and when.
      • Bylaws – no report
      • Codes- will be coming out in June this year, will be implemented in October.
      • Edu Comm – No report
      • Emergency CEDAR report – In 2018 there were 3 deployments
        • CEDAR has been added as a vital part of the States Emergency Response Plan
        • State working on employee release plan for local municipalities
        • EMAC Comm with ICC working on Interstate development plan
  • Good & Welfare – No report
  • ICC – Dottie Conference in Las Vegas – Building Safety Month theme is “No Codes – No Confidence”
  • Legislative / Tech Comm. Working with local Home Depot and Local Stores to set up sessions on delivery of local codes- sponsoring by ICC Chapters only.
  • NYSDOS working on having the point of ordering for code books to be NYSBOC should be cheaper for chapters.
    • Aprils ICC meeting – all 12 state employees will attend.
    • No More Supplement! – The state is working on software for online use of NYS ICC Code with a walk thru check list the will be completely paperless.
    • Staffing levels will increase 4 to 5 for the next year.
    • Variance program, importance of having full boards – working on members to fill positions.
  • Code Council:
    • Does your community budget for new books?
    • Is the ecode a waste of money?
    • PDF as opposed to e-codes, what’s better?
    • ICC will be publishing a NYS embedded code for purchase.
    • NYS will have the code ready in mid Oct2019 and there will be a 90Day course over.
    • NYSDOS reports there are 50 communities that have opted out of having CEO’s
    • Education – there will be a new trainer for development.



  • Website: Meeting minutes and Conference updates are on Website.
  • Old Business:
    • Changing the Elections to October


  • Bylaws – Al Gustafson & John Dean


  • New Business: Elections of board members for 2019


Report from election comm: JCD and JC: present slate of candidates are.


Alan Gustafson - President

David Rowe – Vice President

Allan Zurawski – Treasurer

Chris Dean – Secretary

Larry Barter asks for the Secretary to cast a single ballot for the slate of candidates.

Chris Dean cast a single ballot, all accepted – Passed

  • Others Business:

Discussion for more classes from Mr. Malcomb on law, Newport Ventures on Energy codes.

Discussed more training throughout the year at monthly meetings.

Plans and Energy Codes

Plan review – DOS – Energy Code review – Building plan review

Work on uniformed applications with check list.

Form a committee to develop the form process.


Jeff Swanson call for a motion, seconded by Larry Barter. Vote passed


WSTBOA will have a development committee for uniform process.

  • Meeting Adjourned:


Motion – Ryan Mourer, sec – Larry Barter accepted adjourned 12:42pm

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